Monday, January 27, 2014

Editing a Cheque SSRS report

Changing Cheque_US design

I recently worked on a project where I had to change the design of the standard US check.

Changing the design was relatively simple.  Run Visual Studio, find the Cheque_US in the SSRS Reports group, right click it and hit edit.  I was able to make all of my changes fairly easily.

The problem that I ran into was that if I wanted to see my changes I had to deploy the report, go to a Payment Journal, add a line in that payment journal and then finally generate a payment.  That was a lot of work to simply see how my changes affected the design.

A friend of mine helped me find a much simpler solution.  Go to Cash and bank management -> Common -> Bank Accounts and select the Set up tab.  In the Layout section, select Check and you will see the Check layout form.

There is a button at the top called 'Print Test' which will allow you to quickly see any changes you have made.  Just be sure to change the 'Check form' option to the U.S. format.

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