Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SSRS and Array Fields

I recently had a requirement to show amounts throughout different months of the year.  Originally, I only was showing 3 months, however, the requirement changed and all 12 months were then required.

This led me to try using and EDT with the Array Elements set up. Very easy on the AX side, however, I wasn't sure how SSRS would handle it.  I added the new array field to my report table and refreshed my dataset in SSRS and POOF!  It worked great.

SSRS sees the array numbering as 0-11 rather than 1-12 like AX.

Pleasantly surprised!

Although, I have noticed that no values are coming through to the report.

Also, to clarify, when using code I think ax uses[0-11], however, the EDT in the AOT appears to use 1-12.

SSRS is acting funny... It doesn't put MyArrayField[1] into the corresponding datasat SSRS Field MyArrayField1

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