Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SSRS Data or calculated fields with type 'Void' are not supported

I keep running into this error with SSRS reports.  First it was on a custom report which eventually went away.  Now, it is on the PSAProjInvoice report.

I have seen issues that show a similar error that says 'Record' instead of 'Void'.  That would usually indicate that a method is returning an entire 'Record' which is not allowed.

I have noticed that this may very well have something to do with the PSAProjInvoiceDP class.

Still looking into this...


This is now on another custom report again.  Still no solution.  Leaning towards the DP class but can't be sure.


This appears to have been a problem with my local install of VS 2010.  Not exactly sure what was causing it, however, now that I have cleaned my hard drive and re-installed, all appears to be working great!

FINAL UPDATE (For reals)

I don't think this is an issue of my local install of VS 2010.  The SSRS Repor dataset used a field list in it's 'Select' rather than a 'Select *'.  I changed it to a 'Select *' and everything is now working perfectly.

This issue is far from over.  I moved everything to one layer (CUS) which has made getting around this easier.  I delete my CUS layer, refresh dataset on the report, then restore CUS layer (TFS).  That allows me to make changes.  However, it will come back the next time I work on the report.  No idea what is causing this other than my custom fields.

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