Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reverse a Customer reimbursement

In AX 2012, the Customer reimbursement functionality was introduced.  Recently, my customer had done a reimbursement by accident and wanted to reverse it.  Here is one way I found to do that.

Customer setup

To use this functionality you must create a vendor and tie that vendor to the customer. Open the Customer Details and go to the Miscellaneous details fast tab and set your vendor.


For this sample, I am going to make a payment, using a payment journal, against a customer for $100 which will give them a balance of -100.00 (A credit in essence). If you look at the Customer transactions, you can now see the credt of 100.00 with a balanace of -100.00.  This customer is now eligible for a reimbursement.

Accounts receivable -> Periodic -> Reimbursement
**** NOTE ****
You MUST, MUST, MUST put a customer in the query.  If you leave it blank, it will pick up all customers that have a < 0 balance!

If you have successfully created a reimbursement, you will then receive the following infolog:

Now, if you open up your Customer Transactions, you will see the original payment AND the new Reimbursement.  These are automatically settled and you now have a balance of 0.00

Next, open up the Vendor transactions for the related vendor.  You will now see the same Reimbursement on the vendor side with a balance of -100.00.

From here, you can create a Vendor payment proposal in your Vendor payment journal and cut a check for this vendor.  In our case, we want to undo this reimbursement.
One of the problems here is that we can't 'Reverse' this reimbursement transaction like we would normally do with other Vendor and Customer transactions.

This means we need to do a General Journal and manually fix it.
The first line is a Credit of $100.00 to the customer which is the same thing we did for the customer payment.  The offset account will be the bank account originally used.
The second line is a Debit of $100.00 to the vendor with the same offset account. At this point you can also settle the vendor Reimbursement transaction to this Vendor journal line by using Functions -> Settlement. Post.

If you didn't settle in the Journal, then go to Vendor open transactions and settle the 2 $100 transactions against each other.

Now, take a look at our Customer transactions.  We have the extra $100 from the Journal that return us to a $-100.00 balance. This could now be applied to a customer invoice.

Also, look at your Vendor Transactions.  You are now settled back to 0.00.

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